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Winter is coming..What can I do for a birthday party?

Published on November 18th, 2016

Winter is around the corner and you have limits to things you can do for a great birthday party, right?
There is no backyard, pinata game, or pool party on the deck.

One thing I always dreaded was the birthday invite to the germ infested trampoline places or bowling alleys in January and February.
I would literally either deny the invitation or make sure my children bathed in antibacterial soaps when they returned.
It never failed my kids were sick the next day or two. It was not just a coincidence.
I know I share this same feeling with many moms out there and our company is the solution.
Take the worry off those parents and have a party in your home.

The young ages when you first start “dropping” off your kids to parties is stressful, especially in public places.
They are our babies and we are entrusting them in another family’s care for two hours?
Not to mention as the host parents, you must watch the kids with ten sets of eyeballs when they are flipping and diving on a trampoline.
The ice skating rink was always a stressful one too, hoping to not have any kids leave with a broken bone and you got blamed for not enough supervision.

Stop stressing consumers..
Glitzy Girlz is the solution and you wont have to stress out other parents!
Our packages offer a great variety of themes to fit a varied age group of as young as 4 and mature as 11 years old.
So this year, hire us to come to your home on a snowy winter birthday – just make sure you shovel the driveway good! Glitzy Girlz is the perfect choice for parties for kids at home in Arlington Heights.

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