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Birthday Parties

What You Need To Know About Our Birthday Parties

Glitzy Girlz is one of the only onsite mobile party entertainment companies traveling the Suburbs & Chicago area.  We bring the fun right to your doorstep, no-hassle, and for an affordable price.
Our traditional hosted/staffed parties are back up and ready to BOOK!” 
Glitzy Girlz has adjusted our hosted party experience in a unique way to have all the same fun, but packaging the parties in “individual kits” for safety and health of all the guests. No sharing of supplies and easy way to still offer all the amazing activities in a hosted experience.  
New “Pandemic Party Package” offering!! 

Birthday Parties for Kids at Home

Our staff sets up the party in your private home space or rented location of your choice. We do not require much room and have short set-up and clean-up times. All you have to do is serve your food/cake and decorations, and we do the entertaining of the guests.
The convenience is the key to a successful birthday and makes it easy for you to enjoy the day without the stress of bringing everything and making sure guests are in the area.
What birthday girl does not get excited about the idea of her friends all coming to her place to celebrate her special day!
Since our staff handles the majority of the party, you are free to mingle with parents, take videos/pics and just enjoy watching your birthday girl enjoy her experience.
The “home” party experience is especially popular for evening times and “sleep under” concept.
Our company loves to get the party started anywhere you want to host!


We do not have set hours, so we work around your schedule needs starting at 10:30am party times to 7:00pm start times. Our entertainment runs 90 minutes, so plan to make your party a minimum of two hours to serve food and/or cake.
We offer hosting on Friday nights, Saturday during the day and evening, Sunday afternoons, during school vacations and during weekdays throughout summer and holiday breaks.


We travel a very large territory including Far South (Burr Ridge, Lemont) to North Suburbs (Gurnee & Lake Villa) to Chicago and Downtown.  We do not travel south of the Loop, Dan Ryan or past Lake Shore Drive exits.  The North Shore is a popular area!
A transportation fee does apply to all locations over 5 miles from Rolling Meadows, IL


Our birthday party offerings are current, trendy and traditional. We offer something for every kind of girl! All packages can be COED and invite boys to your party. We make them feel just as comfortable without taking the theme from your girly side.
Our packages not only provide entertainment value but great activities that guests take home like crafts and beading projects.  Most of our themes combine Glamour, Nails, Crafts, Bead and Dancing/Fashion Shows for an all-in-one party experience.


Our booking is an easy process. Fill out a “Contact Us” form from the home page or call the office (847) 528-5550. We get your information and get you a one-page commitment via email. You sign and return it in an email back to us. We do not require a credit card deposit. Payment is made in full in cash on the date of your party. Credit cards are accepted for all parties, but a small fee applies. A cancellation fee applies if no reschedule is made at the time of the cancellation within two weeks from the party date. ($50 fee) A reschedule has no monetary penalty. We have high availability due to our staff and can conveniently accommodate your schedule requests, even last minute one-week-out parties!


We cater to small groups of 6 guests or a large party of 30 guests.  A small party package (6-9) staffs one hostess and a 10 guest or overstaffs 2 hostesses.  That goes up to 20 guests.  If you have a larger party with needs over 20, we do require a 3rd hostess for an additional fee of $30.00
We do not have limitations on staff. We do not require a final count till the week of the party, so we staff accordingly at that time.


Even though our packages come with much included, for a great price, add a Glam Goodie Bag for $3.25 Each.
Purchase a bling tee for your birthday girl and even personalize it to wear on her special day!


We have fun, young staff and you may even get the owner herself at a party!  We always show up ready to entertain any age & group size.
We are professional and quickly set-up and clean up without getting in your way.  Tips are greatly appreciated.

Contact us with party questions, open dates and anything you need to know about making your birthday party GLITZ!

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