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Why Should You Have A Party In Your Home?

Published on November 18th, 2016

The convenience aspect of hosting your daughters next birthday party at home is great, but there are many more benefits.

Affordability: This is because the company you hire to do the entertainment has more competitive pricing due to their low overhead. They do not have a storefront and the customer does not have to help pay their rent!
This allows more budget for food and other goodies.

Time: You will have your party set-up in a snap because the environment is your living room. No driving to a location and numerous trips in and out with supplies and food.
Not to mention the “after” trips back to the car with all the extra presents you aquired!

Easier on Guests: Half your party guests may live on your block or around the corner. Why make them fight the traffic at rush hour to get them to a dinnertime party at the busiest intersection around, all while rushing out of work to get them there!

Meaningful Memories: You birthday girl will forever remember her friends having a blast in HER home. She will get excited to decorate her own environment without any restrictions from no tape on the walls or have only 15 minutes prior to set-up. She may want to show off her cool room and things she does at home. What about the whole “sleepover” theme- you cannot do that on trampolines or at a bowling alley can you?

My best birthday memories were with my friends in the backyard with games and dancing. Our 3:00 am “secrets” I still hold dear to my heart with some of my best childhood friends!

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