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Sequins vs. Rhinestones

Published on November 18th, 2016

Move over rhinestones..there is a new technique in town!
Hot Fixx sequins are replacing the old-fashioned rhinestone quickly and you need to get your team on board.
Our company specializes in manufacturing custom sequins transfers and clothing.
This is what is making our Spirit Wear take off like a new high-speed coaster!

What is the difference between a rhinestone and sequin?

A Hot Fixx sequin has a hologram effect on each color and a basic rhinestone is a flat color.
If you want to pay double the price in a stone, you can get a real crystal.
Most of the rhinestone transfers come from China and the production is cheap and you will see why after a couple of washes.

The glues are different and the little stones get caught on the dryer vents and break down the glue.
A sequin is flat and tumbles evenly in your dryer.
A sequin also lays flat and seamless into your clothing, while a stone raises up on the clothing.
The durability in the regular wash and dry cycle is very different.
Our sequins do not come off in the frequent trips to the laundry, where rhinestones fail in that area.
You must be educated on the difference because that will not make you hesitant to buy our BLING!

Sequins tend to be more affordable. Custom rhinestone quotes are generally higher for Spirit Wear.

Stay clear of the “old way” of sequin technique on the yarn and string that you still see in retail shops.
Those eventually start a snag and keep going and going down the trail of yarn.

Our sequins are the best and when you purchase them through our store or spirit wear, you will see why!

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