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is a unique party planning entertainment
company catering to ages
4-12 years of age.

Unicorn Fantasy Fun Glam Party

Smaller package (6-9 Guests)
$220.00 (One Party Hostess)
Larger Package (10 Guests)
$250.00 (Two Party Hostesses)
Additional Child: $20
Recommended Ages 4-9 Years
Length of entertainment:
1 Hour 30 minutes


Included in  Unicorn Fantasy Fun Glam Package:

  • Glitzy Girlz Party Host/s
    • (A 6-9 package comes with 1 Glitzy  hostess and a 10 or over party comes with 2 Glitzy Hostess)
    • Tip: If you reach the maximum on the package, we suggest requesting 2 hosts for an even greater party experience!
  • Fantasy Fun Glam Makeover
  • Hair waterfall bun with unicorn mane headband  & Sparkle Glitter Dust
  • Age appropriate make-up on eyelids and glossy lips
  • Pretty Colors Nail Polish Application
    • Tip: Put on the invite to come with clean nails
  • Decorate a Wooden  Picture Frame and add unicorn flair with a wood unicorn head
  • Paint, Stamps, and Personalization make for a great craft all with unicorn accents, jewels, and stickers
  • Design a Crystal Bling Bracelet with Silver Unicorn Charm
  • Our fun and beautiful bead selection makes for a great take-home memory of this great party and a cute unicorn charm to add flair
  • Props Included for Fashion Show Style  (boa scarfs and fun theme sunglasses)
  • Music provided and our Glitzy Hostess makes for a fun finale!

Our Fun Fashion Show finale to music on the purple/pink glam carpet makes for a cute ending and a great opportunity to take photos of the lil’ Glam girls!

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