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Masquerade Glam Jam

Masquerade Glam Jam – Girls Glam Hair and Makeup Party

Smaller package (6-9 Guests)
$200.00 (One Party Hostess)
Larger Package (10 Guests)
$230.00 (Two Party Hostesses)
Additional Child: $20
Recommended Ages 4-10 Years
Length of entertainment:
1 Hour 30 Minutes

Included in Package:
*Party Hostess
(One or Two depending on final party count)
*Masquerade Glam Make-over
Hair Twist Updo w/Colorful hair braid/feather
/> Make-up and Masquerade Mask (take home item)
Neon Nail Polish Application
*Decorate a Colorful Bag
*Design a Colorful Bracelet
*Photo Session (Customer takes photos)
Backdrop and Props
Props Include:
Boa Scarfs, Fun Life size frames
Guest Props to Keep: Fidora Hat and Mardi Gras Beads
*Dance Party w/ Retro Lights-Freeze Dance and Limbo
*Music Provided

Girls glam hair and makeup parties

Get creative with your parties for kids at home. Host a Masquerade Glam Jam for your kid’s ages 4-10. Contact our team today to get started! 

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